The dates of the expedition were from the 3rd till the 26th of August. 30 speleologists from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Italy, and Israel took part in this expedition.

Krubera Cave. Research work was focused in two directions. The main aim was to continue the exploration of Yantarnii (Amber) siphon. The siphon was already passed by Gennady Samokhin in 2007 and then he was able to unwind 150 m of a distance line, with a maximum diving depth of about 20 meters. Problems with one of the regulators forced Gena to return, although the bend of the siphon was already behind him. The difficulty of the penetration into Amber siphon is that it’s located behind the two siphons to overcome which it’s necessary to use aqualung. This year two divers were preparing to dive into Amber siphon. The same Gena Samokhin and Stas Kuptsov from Novosibirsk. With general efforts of all members of international expedition, all the necessary equipment was delivered to the underground camp -1640. This camp was a starting point for the storm of the Amber siphon. This year Samokhin was able to pass through the Amber siphon. Just 10 meters was left for him to swim from the end of the explored part of the cave to the exit of the siphon. But imagine Gena’s disappointment when he saw a writing «С4» on a wall behind the siphon that was left by the earliest explorers and he realized that he was in the already explored part of the cave (nearby the Bolshaya Razvilka -1790 m).

The second aim was the old historical bottom of the cave, - 340 meters. It took us several days of engineering work to get to this bottom. Narrow meanders with very uncomfortable exits to the shafts couldn’t stop our predecessors 30 years ago. We could only admire these caver’s skills and courage and make more or less convenient paths for further exploration of this cave area. The cave ended with a long, winding and narrow meander, which gradually narrowed to the size impassable for man. I have heard a lot about this meander from Chisinau’s caver Alexander Omelchenko. And finally we got there. We decided to expand meander, in order to continue the passage through the narrow places. The most skilled of us who got through the narrow place told us about the shaft which was presumably behind it. In this expedition we lacked 2-3 engineering shifts in order to reach this shaft.

Berchilskaya Cave. The cave entrance is located in the upper reaches of Ortobalagan valley and it’s150 meters above the entrance to Krubera cave. It’s a very exciting goal to unite these two caves. Cavers from Chisinau had been working in this cave for past years. They were able to reach the depth of 500 meters. Last year we started to work in a Berchilska cave. Our main goal was to improve the rigging and to expand the narrow places of the cave. This year we continued the engineering work. The number of narrow places decreased.

Next expedition in Krubera Cave and other caves of Ortobalagan Valley is going to be in August 2015.

Video about the expedition from one of the member from San Marino Fabio Bollini "ALLA FINE DEL MONDO - KRUBERA EXPEDITION":