This year we decided not to abandon the expedition to Arabica. The composition of the international expedition - Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Italy, Israel. In total 35 people.

The main arrival of participants is scheduled for August 3. Meeting place - Tsandripsh, settlement in Abkhazia. Some people come later. Kiev I and Anton leave July 30 on my van. In the evening, we plan to get in Melitopol. There the second car and two other members of the expedition - Olya Shamanskaya and Igor Perederiy will be waiting for us. July 31 we plan to get Simferopol, where we take away Chernivtsi and Crimean speleologists. The route passes through the Kerch ferry, etc. to Adler. We go with time to spare, I hope that everything will go without incident ... The end of the expedition on August 26. We'll back to Kiev in September.